In a small lonely harbor away from the town a girl stands all by herself

There is a secret way to make all your wishes come true

Passed down to generations to come  about this lonely sea

If you place a parchment with your wish written on it and place it into a small bottle and release it into the sea 

Then one day yoour wish will come true joyfully

The glass bottle with a message in it has drifted in the horizion

You always were a true loyal friend to me and always did what I commanded

But I was kinda causing some trouble for you

You  probably won't be by my side to grant me any more wishes

So I will just have to let the sea grant my wish for me

My little wish is being carried away with some tears and regrets of a princess

Relizing my wrong

The glass bottle with my wish in it floats off in the horizion

My little wish is being carried away

Oh of only we could go back to having fun together  and not making pathetic mistakes ...........again