She was kinda shy,kinda naive and was getting picked on during the button war then when she snuck off to find her dad she got shot while a volcano exploded and got knocked into a wormhole the next day she was naked and in Lalaloopsy Land sew she made some gothic clothes and chose mixmatched boots cause she was a tomboy frankenstein girl.


She was  a   poor girl in france who didn't have a home  she found a brown poodle on the street sew she kept it.In the Button War  she was  walking  but Marie's   ghost  revived trying to destroy everyone but   no sucess.After the ghost got killed  because of no unfinished bussiness the lightning infected  Susan  after she got hit.After she got hit the poodle turned pink and Susan became Suzette.Her blonde hair she shown had  became a white wig of course she still has hair.Even her outfit changed.Finally when she got her button mark  her  hobos place became a neat clean palace.And she got a new golden computer then joined wikia after a year.